Socially Just and Sustainable Economic Development

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Nigeria together with its partners (Organised Labour, Civil Society and Employers’ Associations) actively encourages and maintains a debate on socially just and sustainable alternatives to the current development model. The Nigerian economy is heavily dependent on the extractive crude oil industry and its revenues.

FES especially supports the knowledge creation and campaign for a diversification of the economy and especially on the environment friendly and labour-intensive reindustrialisation of the country. With its partners, FES encourages the national and international debate on appropriate trade regimes, industrial policies and labour market regulation.

We consider the organised labour as a key player in the fight for democratisation, fair economic development, decent work and social justice. FES accompanies the Trade Unions in their transformation to become more effective and equitable organisations and to adjust to the changing realities of the labour market. We provide platforms for exchange, analysis, research and targeted trainings. FES helps the Labour movement and associations from the informal sector to oppose exploitation and to find improved answers to promote pro-poor development.

By bringing important stakeholders like Civil Society, Trade Unions, academics and Government representatives together, FES sensitises, builds capacity, conducts research and supports campaigns on issues like Social Protection, Climate Change and Socio Ecological Transformation, Tax Justice and decent work.

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