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09.05.2023 | Event
Regional Conference on Loss and Damage
For many advocates of climate justice as well as ordinary people living in communities in the Niger Delta, the biggest question this season is "Who will pay for the harms caused by climate change…  
12. Privacy Policy  
Privacy Policy Data Protection The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung attaches the greatest importance to the protection of your personal data. It adheres strictly to the legal provisions governing the…  
28.04.2023 | Young Workers | Event
Young Workers Training - Module 2: Political Economy of the Nigerian Crisis and the Quest for Social Justice
In the last three decades, the character of work has changed as a result of increasing neo-liberal economic policies, economic restructuring, financialization, migration, immigration and powerful…  
26.04.2023 | Socially Just and Sustainable Economic Development | Event
Embrace Equity In The World Of Work
"The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) remains a potent vehicle to drive gender equality and equity in all workplaces, especially in the political space; hence, the NLC must continue to lead the charge…  
31.03.2023 | Young Workers | Event
Young Workers Training - Module 1: History of Workers' Struggle in Nigeria
The 2023 FES Nigeria Young Workers Training kicked off on March 31st 2023, with 29 Participants drawn from industrial unions affiliated to PSI, IndustriAll Global union federations, civil society…  
25.03.2023 | Youth Activists Programme | Event
Youth Activities (OMYV) Training Programme – Introductory Module
The Friedrich – Ebert Stiftung Nigeria welcomed the 6th Cohort of the Open Minds, Young Voices (OMYV) – Youth Activists Programme on March 25th to 26th for the first module. This Introductory Module…  
15.03.2023 | Young Workers | Upcoming Events, Event
Announcement – Nomination List for FES Young Workers Training Programme 2023
The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) Nigeria has announced thirty-five young people as part of the 2023 Young Workers Programme.  
03.02.2023 | News
Press Statement: Alliance for Deepening Democracy Launched to Track Planning and Conduct of 2023 Elections
Media and civil society stakeholders have announced the launch of the Alliance for Deepening Democracy (A4DD), a coalition of organizations from various sectors working collaboratively to engage…  
31.01.2023 | Event, News
Sensitization Meeting on the Implementation of the INEC/NURTW/NARTO/MWUN MOU on the 2023 General Election and other Elections
The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is a document that describes the broad outlines of an agreement between two or more parties. In this case, it is an agreement between the Independent National…  
Post Cop 27 Event
26.01.2023 | Socially Just and Sustainable Economic Development | Event
The Post Cop 27 Event: An Assessment of Outcomes & Implications for Africa
Participants felt that COP27 was an anti-climax and seemingly could not have delivered the promises and opportunities for Africa. Activists said they expected the conversations to be more…  
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