Energy and Climate Justice

Combining social and ecological responsibility

Climate change is real and its effects are already being felt in many places around the world, including Nigeria; from desertification in the North to excessive flooding in the South, we are experiencing the impacts of climate change.  To counteract the destruction of our planet, we must live and operate in a more resource-efficient and ecological way. This means huge changes, for example, we have to move away from fossil energy sources towards low-emission systems such as wind or solar power. There are great opportunities in this structural change if it is designed to be socially just.

We are committed to a social-ecological transformation worldwide that answers the ecological and social questions together.  Our vision: Low-emission, resource-saving and socially inclusive economic systems that give everyone the chance to live a good life based on human rights. To do this, we are building stable, broad, and progressive alliances between the environmental movement, politics and trade unions that pave the way to a more sustainable future. In Nigeria, the Coalition for Socioecological Transformation (CoSET) and Organized Labour remain our prominent partners on the journey to climate justice.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Nigeria and its partners (Organised Labour, Civil Society and Employers’ Associations, Alliances and Coalitions) have continued to call for diversification of the Nigerian economy which is heavily dependent on the extractive crude oil industry and its revenues; this call comes from the debate on human security and a just transition for all.

We consider the alliances of civil society organizations like CoSET, and organised labour as key players in the fight for fair economic development, clean energy, climate justice, just transition and social justice.

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