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18.08.2019 | Socially Just and Sustainable Economic Development | Event
Regional Cement Meeting. BWI Cement Africa and Middle East Region "Global Value Chain 2019: Global Cement Conference"
Africa is estimated to have an infrastructural deficit of $93 billion out of which a third of $31 billion would be used for electric power and about $25 billion for the construction of basic…  
15.08.2019 | Event
Socially Just and Sustainable Economic Development
Accessing key social services and boosting the economic rights of the informal workers remains a challenge in Nigeria.  
31.07.2019 | Event
Trade Union Women Mentoring Programme
Globally, the participation of women and young people in trade unions is very low. In a male dominated union like NUPENG, the mentoring programme seeks to prepare and strengthen women for leadership…  
26.07.2019 | Socially Just and Sustainable Economic Development | Event
Young Workers learn about Nigeria’s Political and Economic System
The third session of the Young Workers Training introduced young members of trade unions to the challenges that Nigeria’s political and economic system pose to workers.  
24.07.2019 | Promoting Democracy and Participation | Event
Symposium on Restructuring of Nigeria’s Political Economy
During this symposium, the meanings of the concept of restructuring – which has become a buzzword in the Nigerian media – were discussed.  
08.07.2019 | Promoting Democracy and Participation | Event
Abuja Policy Debate on Governing Migration in Nigeria
This Abuja Policy Debate was organized around the research conducted by Dr Kwaku Arhin-Sam from the Arnold Bergstraesser Institut in Germany, focusing on political dimensions of migration governance.  
20.06.2019 | Socially Just and Sustainable Economic Development | Event
Consultative Forum on Governing and Securing Rural Spaces
The Multi-Stakeholders’ Consultative Forum was aimed at giving Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) a voice in Nigeria’s security matters.  
16.06.2019 | Promoting Democracy and Participation | Event
African Media Barometer in Nigeria
Sokoto State was the host as the 4th Africa Media Barometer in Nigeria organized by the Fesmedia Africa and FES Nigeria got underway on the evening of 16 June 2019 with an overview of development…  
05.06.2019 | Youth Activists Programme | Event
"Open Minds, Young Voices" participants training on Project Management and Communication Skills
As the "Open Minds, Young Voices" young activists programme proceeds, our participants worked on their skills in project management and communication, and familiarized themselves with the basics of…  
23.05.2019 | Socially Just and Sustainable Economic Development | Event
Workshop on Privatisation and Commercialisation of Education
During this workshop, problems associated with growing privatization of education in Lagos and beyond were discussed.  
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