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FES began to work in Nigeria in 1976. In 2002 the main office was moved from Lagos to Abuja but FES still maintains an office in Lagos. Throughout its presence in Nigeria, FES has collaborated with human rights and pro-democracy groups, the labour movement, researchers and many civil society organisations. The priority areas of FES Nigeria are:

  • Good Governance and Democracy Promotion;
  • Trade Union Cooperation;
  • Nigeria’s Role in International Affairs.

Our Topics

Promoting Democracy and Participation

Promoting Democracy and Participation

Despite Nigeria’s return to democracy in 1999 and despite the first peaceful handover from one democratically elected Government to another after the presidential elections in 2015, the countries young democracy still... More

Socially Just and Sustainable Economic Development

Socially Just and Sustainable Economic Development

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Nigeria together with its partners (Organised Labour, Civil Society and Employers’ Associations) actively encourages and maintains a debate on socially just and sustainable alternatives to... More

Public Debate on Issues of International Relations and Security Policy

Public Debate on Issues of International Relations and Security Policy

During the past decades, the Giant of Africa’s foreign and security policy has been either person or regime-centred at the expenses of a fully formulated and nationally generated foreign policy and its implementation. More

Youth Activists Programme

Youth Activists Programme

Despite the large proportion of young people in the Nigerian Society, not much space is given to accommodate Youths in the political arena. More

Video: What is Social Democracy?

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Nigeria Office

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Wuse, Abuja

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