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Midterm Assessment of The Manifestrack Project: A Performance Appraisal of The OMYV Accountability Project

The ManifesTrack is an accountability project designed to assess the commitment of Nigeria’s President to the campaign promises made during the 2019 presidential election. The Project is tracking and creating public engagement on five (5) thematic areas: Infrastructure, Social Investment, Job Creation, Education and Health.

Accountability is a central piece of good governance. It enables the sharing of power (concept of checks and balance) and the public control over the use of public resources. It contributes to reducing the risk of power abuse and corruptive practices, which in turn is essential to ensure the fulfilment of peoples' basic human rights.

The ManifesTrack Project is a data driven assessment- a juxtaposition of the President’s government and the campaign promises of the 2019 elections. as the tenure of the current government draws to a close, the OMYV-FES network held a public dialogue for a midterm assessment of the ManifesTrack Project.

Jointly organized by FES-Nigeria and the OMYV-FES Network, the public dialogue had in attendance participants from various works of life for a panel discussion. The Network discussed and analyzed the activities of the project as well as aspects to improve on to better achieve the project’s objectives/goal.

Putting in perspective the manifesto of the President, the panelists discussed Nation’s economy, security, basic amenities and infrastructure standards, employment market among other things.

The panelists are of the view that the current government has failed in some respects and accentuate that it could and should do better.

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