Saturday, 27.04.2019 - Sunday, 26.05.2019 - Abuja

"Open Minds, Young Voices" Programme participants debating Activism, Conflict Resolution and Gender Equality

The “Open Minds, Young Voices” programme is going smoothly. In the last three modules, the participants discussed media and activism, conflict-handling styles as well as gender and sex.

During the different sessions, the participants regularly engage in intensive group discussions.

During the past weeks this year’s participants of the “Open Minds, Young Voices” programme have improved their skills in conflict handling, learnt about media and activism and got introduced to debates on gender and sex.

In the session on media and activism, the participants learnt about the evolution of Nigerian media and how, as an activist, one can use media to advocate for a specific cause. On top of this, the facilitator also discussed how young activists can avoid unwanted news coverage by the media.

The module on conflict handling styles was aimed at helping participants to learn skills and techniques of conflict transformation and peaceful living. After an introduction to the basic concepts of conflict, violence and peace, Mr Ulrich Thum, Resident Representative of FES Nigeria, introduced the participants to effects and root causes of conflicts as well as techniques for conflict analysis. On top of this, the module covered an introduction to the concept of peacebuilding and different conflict-handling styles. On the second day, the participants explored several conflict handling styles, such as negotiation and mediation, in more detail.

Finally, the module on gender and sex introduced the young activists to a variety of concepts related to gender and gender-sensitive development projects. The participants were also asked to develop their own action plan on a gender-related issue that according to them should be addressed in Nigerian society.

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