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Friday, 18.11.2022 - Hawthorn Suites by Wyndam, Area 11, Garki, Abuja | Youth Activists Programme | Event

The country’s young and vibrant population are in continuous quest for a better thriving environment and in desire for the change they advocate for,…


Thursday, 17.11.2022 - Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Nigeria Office | Event

The power of reading fosters solidarity and allows for exchange of experiences that others can draw strength from. It is important that we all begin…


Thursday, 06.10.2022 - Sunday, 09.10.2022 - K Class Hotel, Wuse, Zone 5, Abuja | Youth Activists Programme | Event

Project management is the application of knowledge, processes, experience, skills, techniques, and funds to project activities to meet the project…


Thursday, 22.09.2022 - FES Nigeria Office | Event

Youths play an essential role in reshaping social norms, promoting active citizenship, enhance democratic processes owing to factors such as their…


Tuesday, 20.09.2022 - FES Nigeria Office, Abuja | Event, News

Besides the technical issues associated with the 2023 general elections, there are also ambitious attempts for better coordination among civil society…


Wednesday, 24.08.2022 - Friday, 09.09.2022 - Jos and Lagos | Event

Since teamwork and collaboration were obvious during the mash mellow game, participants opined that it may be concluded that no sector is unimportant…


Wednesday, 13.07.2022 - Friday, 15.07.2022 - Ibeto Hotel, Abuja | Event

Considering the growing number of human rights violations by security forces that have led to deaths within the society and the growing issues…


Thursday, 07.07.2022 - Friday, 08.07.2022 - Crispan Luxury Apartments, Jos, Plateau State | Event

Asides from the huge challenges to human security, climate change continues to lead to economic contraction by disrupting agricultural exports and the…


Thursday, 23.06.2022 - Friday, 24.06.2022 - The Wells Charlton Hotel and Apartments, Abuja | Public Debate on Issues of International Relations and Security Policy | Event

“Though agriculture represents the cornerstone of the economy in Africa, accounting for a significant proportion of livelihoods, the peasant…


Friday, 17.06.2022 - Qualibest Grand Hotel, Abuja | Public Debate on Issues of International Relations and Security Policy | Event

As an instrument of economic integration, AfCFTA is expected to aid free movement of goods, services, and persons across the African continent through…


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