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20.08.2021 | Promoting Democracy and Participation | Event, News
JADESeminars Mentorship Project _ Threats and Opportunities of Online Journalism
As Nigeria continues to undergo enormous insecurity challenges, it is important to interrogate how journalists contribute to the resolution of the conflicts in the country through their reports.…  
19.08.2021 | Socially Just and Sustainable Economic Development | Event, News
Policy Debate Series - The Agora by YouPaD: Nigeria’s Macroeconomic Crisis: Interrogating Abuja’s Policy Response and Mechanising Sustained Economic Growth & Diversification Pathways
Nigeria’s macroeconomic issues have eclectic consequences for the country principally as regards insecurity, violence, and conflicts. Nigeria currently faces a range of insecurity and conflicts to…  
Photo: Cross-section of discussion session in Lagos
10.08.2021 | Socially Just and Sustainable Economic Development | Event
Annual CoSET Meeting: Coalition members strategize socioecological advocacy
Coalition members met to bolster the #EndGasFlaringNow campaign, their approaches to tackle climate-induced food security challenges and collaboration with Nigeria Trade Unions.  
05.08.2021 | Event
Gaps in Security Sector Reform and Governance – Possible Contributions of Civil Society and Non-Traditional Security Actors
In recent years, the number, scope, and complexity of Security Sector Reform and Governance (SSR&G) programmes and processes in Nigeria have gained more grounds in peace-building and post-conflict…  
05.08.2021 | Event
Young Workers learn about Labour Law and Labour Institutions
The fifth session of the Young Workers Training introduced young members of trade unions to Nigeria labour law, international instruments and labour institutions established to resolve conflicts at…  
30.07.2021 | Promoting Democracy and Participation | Event
New voices Citizen fellowship
For the period of the fellowship, we expect the communities where the fellows focus on to benefit in tangible terms the dividends of democracy as regards improvement in quality of life and standard…  
30.07.2021 | Event
The Nigeria Student Movement: Implication for future labour leadership and democratic activities
The student movement and labour movement are two important components of the social movements’ reputation for socio-economic and political transformation. Both are globally seen as the indispensable…  
30.06.2021 | Promoting Democracy and Participation | Event
#FemLab’s Feminism Friday Radio Show: The Journey So Far ...
After series of idea exchange in 2021, the Feminism Lab core group launched her first project tagged ‘Feminism Friday’ radio show on May 7th, 2021.  
30.06.2021 | Youth Activists Programme | Event
Youth Activists discuss Paternalism, Feminism and Gender Equality for Development
Our OMYV activists commit to #ChooseToChallenge inequality, call out bias, question stereotypes, and help to forge an inclusive world.  
14.06.2021 | Event
Multi-Stakeholder Consultative Forum on Peace and Security Challenges in Nigeria
Till January 2021, the Southeast region of Nigeria was arguably the most peaceful part of the country. The once quiet zone has evolved into a hotbed of violence targeting state security institutions…  
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