Wednesday, 17.04.2024 - Monday, 29.04.2024 - Sokoto, Sokoto State

The Interplay of Civil Authority and Military Power in Nigeria’s Progress

#Didyouknow that there has been a major leap in Civil-Military Relations (CMR) in Nigeria? Recent training events highlighted the importance of CMR for societal stability. Participants recognized the benefits & called for more such sessions.

17 – 19 April and 24 – 29 April 2024

At a recent civil-military exchange program in partnership with the Institute of Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR), the spotlight was cast on the intricate dance of civil-military relations (CMR) in Nigeria. Dr. Joseph Ochogwu, the Director General, warmly welcomed attendees to a session dedicated to dissecting this pivotal topic. The seminar served as a melting pot of ideas, with experts like Prof. Freedom Onuoha providing a rich historical narrative and current perspectives on CMR’s role in shaping Nigeria’s societal fabric.

The discussions underscored the importance of a symbiotic relationship between civilian governance and military might, highlighting the delicate balance that underpins national security and human rights. As the nation continues to evolve, the seminar’s discourse on democratic accountability mechanisms for human rights marked a significant step towards reinforcing the pillars of democracy and ensuring the military’s alignment with civil society’s aspirations.

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